Join Us!

We are actively recruiting talented people to join our group at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard! 

Please contact Bo for new opportunities: boxialab{at}

We always welcome talented and passionate people to join our group as new colleagues and friends. Candidates across post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, research associates, and visiting scholars with shared interests in the general research topics in our lab are encouraged to apply. Please contact Bo through email: boxialab{at} and include your CV, a brief description of your background, research interest(s), and future career goal(s). 2-3 reference letters will be requested after an initial meeting.

We are committed to supporting the career and personal development of all lab members. We believe that the best science comes from good teams fueled by passion, motivation, perseverance, and probably much underestimated a supportive environment. We are building an inclusive and supportive environment, where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their science dreams and career goals regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity, race, and nationality. 

Special shout-out to undergraduates! Motivated undergraduate scientists are especially welcome to contact Bo to discuss research opportunities and even LEAD research projects. Bo's career started with a eureka moment during his undergraduate research. With full support from his mentor, Bo eventually led and developed multiple innovative projects as an undergraduate researcher. Our lab welcomes undergraduate students who think beyond barriers, and are motivated to become next-generation leading scientists.